Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our week in the North - August's recovery

Our stay up North was to be as long as one week. Dr. Roberson needed to see August for one post-op appointment before we could head home.
We had originally planned on driving to my cousins house after surgery was out and staying at her beautiful home in Clear Lake. But August simply was not up to a drive to any place but back to the hotel. Since we had not checked out, we decided to stay one more night and leave in the A.M.
After our long night of trying to keep August comfortable, we took our time leaving and checking out. We got on the road around 12:00. It was a nice drive for the most part. August got real car sick at one point and vomited all over himself. I figured it was the codeine in the Tylenol that he was taking all night. It has always made him sick in the past. It was a mess and he was crying. It was terrible. I felt so bad for the little guy.
Once we got things cleaned up, we were on the road again. We drove through wine country in Sonoma. It was a beautiful drive. As we moved on, August was feeling much better. Around 4pm, it was medicine time again and he refused to take the Tylenol. He said he didn't like it and it hurt his stomach.
I was concerned that he would be in pain and not be comfortable. So I called the doctor to see if there was anything we could do. They said it was great that he didn't want it and to just give him regular Tylenol if he was hurting. But when he complained of pain, he still wouldn't take anything, not even the regular Tylenol. For approximately 24 hours he had no pain medicine.
We arrived around 5pm after grabbing groceries and driving 4 hours to our destination. It was the perfect place for August to recover. It was the most beautiful spot we could have asked for at this time. The house sat right on the Lake. We had a deck with a walkway to their boat dock. August and Anders fished the entire weekend. August was in his glory. He was so happy that he totally forgot about his surgery and all the pain that he was having. We devoted all our time and attention to him. We played games, went for walks, caught lizards, fed the baby ducks and their mommies, and more, we all had so much fun.
He would complain only at night when it was time to relax. He did end up finally taking some regular Tylenol at times. But for the most part he didn't mention pain for the days we were in Clear Lake. (May 28th - 31st)
May 31st - We packed up and left the beautiful home in Clear Lake. We checked back in to the hotel that we stayed at earlier. It was our hope that August's post-op, on June 1st, would go great and we would be on our way home.
June 1st - We woke early, had breakfast, and checked out of the hotel. We met with Dr. Roberson's assistant doctor, Dr. Service. The exam went well. He cut the stitch out of the skin graph and said it would eventually fall off on its own. He also trimmed some of the round gauze that is inside the canal. We were given instructions to give August's ear doctor that would be doing the follow up back home. Everything looked good so far and we were set to leave for home.
We headed straight out for LA. We made it home around 8pm. As we were getting off the freeway, August's said, "we are HOME!" He asked, "do I have to go back to school today?" When I said "no baby," "we have to wait for your ear to heal for a bit." He replied, "thank you Mommy and Daddy for fixing my ear." I almost cried. We couldn't be more proud of our brave little man.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

May 26th and 27th - pre surgery and day of surgery

Wednesday May 26, 2010 5:06am, we depart from home to Palo Alto. It was a long drive with August asking tons of questions about where and why we were going far from home. He was a trouper from start to finish.
We arrived at 12:30 in the afternoon. August had a pre-op appointment with Dr. Roberson at 2:50 so we checked in to our hotel and took a little nap. At 2:50 we checked in for the doctor appointment. He first had a hearing test to see what the inner ear was up to on the Atresia side. August has always been told that his cochlear worked. We have never known if his small ear bones and middle ear were in tact. This test basically told us what we had already knew but it was needed prior to surgery. We were just happy that it was not bad news and his inner ear had not lost functionality. We then met with Dr. Roberson to go over all surgery procedures and what to expect, etc. August was a bit nervous. He didn't want to do the hearing test at first. He gave us a bit of trouble but with a little M&M persuasion we finally got the test completed. The doctor promised him he would not feel any shots so he was happy. He asked him, "are you ready for me to fix your ear?" August said, yep! And we were ready to go.

May 27th 6:30am, we were up and off to the hospital for surgery. We check in and wait for about a half hour before the nurse took us back to get prepped. Once we were in the pre-op room, August got nervous and wanted to go home. He told us he didn't want to change his ear and he walked out of the room. "Bye," he said. Anders went out to talk to him and he reluctantly came back but wouldn't let the nurse or anesthesiologist touch him. So they asked if they could give him a little medicine to calm him. We said okay and boy was that a change. He was a totally different kid. We had to film it because we had never seen our son so cooperative and calm. He was very tipsy. The doctor told us it was like he had just drank three margaritas. He was now letting the doctors and nurses do what they needed to get him ready. It was a bit easier for us to see him taken away for surgery. He would not remember anything after taking this medicine. Although, I must have cried for an hour after he left us. I knew he was in good hands but it was still hard to see him leave us. Many people were praying for him as well so that was comforting too. It was a long two and a half hours of waiting but when they called us in to see our little man I was relieved. There he was asleep and looking so well. He was as handsome as ever. He slept for about another hour. When he woke up he was not a happy camper. The anesthesia made him nauseated and grumpy. All he wanted was Mommy. So I held him on my lap and he fell back to sleep for about another hour. Actually we all did, Daddy, August and Me. When we woke up he moved to Daddy's lap and then the doctor came in to tell us how things went.
The surgery was a total success. August had everything he needed to hear at a normal hearing range now that this surgery had been completed. The only thing that was created in surgery was his ear drum. Doctor Roberson said he would never hear perfect but had an incredible chance to hear at normal hearing range. That was the best news we had heard in a long time. He was expected to heal like he should and proceed with the next surgery in August.
We were discharged from the hospital around 1:30. August was a bit slow, tired and nauseated for a few hours but he did very well. We got him some soup but he wasn't interested in eating. It was about 10pm when he decided he was hungry and he requested rice cereal (rice crispy cereal) his favorite. So that is what he got. He was given Tylenol with codeine so he was very groggy. It was taken every 4-6 hours for pain. He slept on and off that first night. It was a long day and night but we all made it.
The photo here was taken the day after surgery. The white gauze like square is stitched on to cover and help heal the skin graph. The graph was used for the hole that was made. It helps keep the bone from trying to completely close the hole that was just created. There is a sponge in the hole. That is the round circle that you see in the hole. All the skin that is left from the "S" shaped ear that was there prior to surgery will be used in surgery to, microtia repair. This surgery they cut the top of the "S" shaped skin and saved it under his skin. You can see a bump just behind the very bottom of the thick skin, somewhat near the ball. That is were the tissue is hidden. It will be taken out and used to make the new ear for August. His body will preserve it until surgery August 31st.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting ready for surgery day.

Well, it is days before surgery now. We are preparing to make our long journey to northern California. August has some idea what is going on in the next couple days. It is so hard to tell what he understands and what he doesnt. We have talked to him about it many times now. We have read him books on surgery and getting a new ear. He says he wants to have the doctors fix his ear but then the next minute he wants us to leave it like it is. It is really confusing for him, I think.

As for me, I am a mess. I am worried for my little man. I just want him to be better than before he went in for this surgery. I want him to be happy that we decided to have this surgery done for him at his age. I want him to ear and have two ears like all his loved ones and friends. I am worried that he will be okay while under the doctors care. I am just worried, like every mom would be. But I know my little man is strong and a fighter so he will be okay. He has to be! He is my baby.

We are leaving Wednesday May 26th at 4:30 in the morning. We will have a pre-op appointment at 2:50 that same day. Surgery is at 6:00 am Thursday May 27th. We will be staying close to the hospital for one week following the surgery for his post-op appointment Tuesday June 1st. Returning Wednesday June 2nd.

We have been praying every night for this surgery to be successful. I know he is in good hands. If I could ask for one more favor, please keep August in your prays. We will keep you all informed on his progress.

Thank you again for all your support!

Party Facts for April 24th.

April 24th was a very successful day for our little man. He got his bouncer, a pinata, lots of yummy food and everyone he loves to enjoy it with him. We started around 12 noon and went until about 7pm. He was exhausted by the time he was in his pj's.
Thanks to everyone that attended. We are honored to have you with us to celebrate. Thanks to all my family that helped with the food and getting things for the pinata. We missed those of you that could not make it. Hopefully we can all get together some time this summer.
Most importantly Anders and I would like to thank all of you that gave to August's gift of hearing. Your gift will last August a life time. Everyone brought tears to our eyes. It is so wonderful to know that so many of our friends and family care about our little man and want to help him. We are speechless and cant say thank you enough.
Thank you;
Melisa Venglass and family
Andrea and Mike Kelly
O'Brien Family
Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly
Rachel Weissberg
Grandma Lucy (Nana)
James Barro
Connie Chestnut and family
Jessica Kendar and family
Vicky Bruce
Dena David
Mike Parra
Steve, Lilia and family
Tomas Viska
Forsting family
Ellsworth family
Zelda, Rick and Erik
Chavez family
Tommy and Alice
Hana and family
Moni and Ryry
Grandpa Dick
Walker family
Bill and Tricia Jackson
Uncle Adrian and Aunt Laura
Uncle Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Hake
Cynthia Ramirez

We love you all and send our blessings.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Gift of Hearing (Donations)

For August's third birthday, please help us give him the gift of hearing in his Atresia ear. We have asked not to bring gifts to his celebration so that any dollar spent for a toy would instead go towards his surgery. This will be a gift August will be sure to enjoy his entire life...........

Donations for August's Atresia Repair can be given by Paypal, bank deposit or check. All donations will be deposited into a bank account created specifically for August's Atresia repair surgery.

Please be aware that Paypal charges 30 cents + 2.9% fee per transaction.
For example: A donation of $20.00 would give August $19.12 towards his surgery (a fee of 88 cents would go to Paypal).


To donate by deposit, please use August's Atresia repair special bank account information:
Routing # 322271627 - Account # 2953218019


To donate by check, please make payable to August Lind and mail to
August Lind
6212 E Carita St
Long Beach, CA 90808

All donations are anonymous, and any donation however small would be gratefully appreciated.

August will be forever grateful to anyone contributing to making this surgery possible.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010