Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our week in the North - August's recovery

Our stay up North was to be as long as one week. Dr. Roberson needed to see August for one post-op appointment before we could head home.
We had originally planned on driving to my cousins house after surgery was out and staying at her beautiful home in Clear Lake. But August simply was not up to a drive to any place but back to the hotel. Since we had not checked out, we decided to stay one more night and leave in the A.M.
After our long night of trying to keep August comfortable, we took our time leaving and checking out. We got on the road around 12:00. It was a nice drive for the most part. August got real car sick at one point and vomited all over himself. I figured it was the codeine in the Tylenol that he was taking all night. It has always made him sick in the past. It was a mess and he was crying. It was terrible. I felt so bad for the little guy.
Once we got things cleaned up, we were on the road again. We drove through wine country in Sonoma. It was a beautiful drive. As we moved on, August was feeling much better. Around 4pm, it was medicine time again and he refused to take the Tylenol. He said he didn't like it and it hurt his stomach.
I was concerned that he would be in pain and not be comfortable. So I called the doctor to see if there was anything we could do. They said it was great that he didn't want it and to just give him regular Tylenol if he was hurting. But when he complained of pain, he still wouldn't take anything, not even the regular Tylenol. For approximately 24 hours he had no pain medicine.
We arrived around 5pm after grabbing groceries and driving 4 hours to our destination. It was the perfect place for August to recover. It was the most beautiful spot we could have asked for at this time. The house sat right on the Lake. We had a deck with a walkway to their boat dock. August and Anders fished the entire weekend. August was in his glory. He was so happy that he totally forgot about his surgery and all the pain that he was having. We devoted all our time and attention to him. We played games, went for walks, caught lizards, fed the baby ducks and their mommies, and more, we all had so much fun.
He would complain only at night when it was time to relax. He did end up finally taking some regular Tylenol at times. But for the most part he didn't mention pain for the days we were in Clear Lake. (May 28th - 31st)
May 31st - We packed up and left the beautiful home in Clear Lake. We checked back in to the hotel that we stayed at earlier. It was our hope that August's post-op, on June 1st, would go great and we would be on our way home.
June 1st - We woke early, had breakfast, and checked out of the hotel. We met with Dr. Roberson's assistant doctor, Dr. Service. The exam went well. He cut the stitch out of the skin graph and said it would eventually fall off on its own. He also trimmed some of the round gauze that is inside the canal. We were given instructions to give August's ear doctor that would be doing the follow up back home. Everything looked good so far and we were set to leave for home.
We headed straight out for LA. We made it home around 8pm. As we were getting off the freeway, August's said, "we are HOME!" He asked, "do I have to go back to school today?" When I said "no baby," "we have to wait for your ear to heal for a bit." He replied, "thank you Mommy and Daddy for fixing my ear." I almost cried. We couldn't be more proud of our brave little man.

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