Monday, May 24, 2010

Party Facts for April 24th.

April 24th was a very successful day for our little man. He got his bouncer, a pinata, lots of yummy food and everyone he loves to enjoy it with him. We started around 12 noon and went until about 7pm. He was exhausted by the time he was in his pj's.
Thanks to everyone that attended. We are honored to have you with us to celebrate. Thanks to all my family that helped with the food and getting things for the pinata. We missed those of you that could not make it. Hopefully we can all get together some time this summer.
Most importantly Anders and I would like to thank all of you that gave to August's gift of hearing. Your gift will last August a life time. Everyone brought tears to our eyes. It is so wonderful to know that so many of our friends and family care about our little man and want to help him. We are speechless and cant say thank you enough.
Thank you;
Melisa Venglass and family
Andrea and Mike Kelly
O'Brien Family
Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly
Rachel Weissberg
Grandma Lucy (Nana)
James Barro
Connie Chestnut and family
Jessica Kendar and family
Vicky Bruce
Dena David
Mike Parra
Steve, Lilia and family
Tomas Viska
Forsting family
Ellsworth family
Zelda, Rick and Erik
Chavez family
Tommy and Alice
Hana and family
Moni and Ryry
Grandpa Dick
Walker family
Bill and Tricia Jackson
Uncle Adrian and Aunt Laura
Uncle Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Hake
Cynthia Ramirez

We love you all and send our blessings.

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