Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Gift of Hearing (Donations)

For August's third birthday, please help us give him the gift of hearing in his Atresia ear. We have asked not to bring gifts to his celebration so that any dollar spent for a toy would instead go towards his surgery. This will be a gift August will be sure to enjoy his entire life...........

Donations for August's Atresia Repair can be given by Paypal, bank deposit or check. All donations will be deposited into a bank account created specifically for August's Atresia repair surgery.

Please be aware that Paypal charges 30 cents + 2.9% fee per transaction.
For example: A donation of $20.00 would give August $19.12 towards his surgery (a fee of 88 cents would go to Paypal).


To donate by deposit, please use August's Atresia repair special bank account information:
Routing # 322271627 - Account # 2953218019


To donate by check, please make payable to August Lind and mail to
August Lind
6212 E Carita St
Long Beach, CA 90808

All donations are anonymous, and any donation however small would be gratefully appreciated.

August will be forever grateful to anyone contributing to making this surgery possible.